2021 Reunion Information

Howdy Marines & FMF Corpsmen!

  Steven Ek, Lt. (1965)
02/25/20 05:15 PM
  Hey Gents!
I sent most of you an earlier e-mail regarding my selection of a reunion hotel in Nashville, TN. I have settled upon the Comfort Suites Airport for the following reasons:
1.Total room fee of $128.12 per night for one kingsize or two double beds;
2. Free hosp./meeting room with $50 per day cleanup fee if we book more than 15 rooms;
3.Free breakfast with all the fixings;
4.Free airport shuttle from 4:30 AM to 10:30 PM;
5. Downtown shuttle for $10 round trip or $15 for multiple daily trips;
6.We can bring in our own snacks and beverages into the hosp./meeting room;
7. Other amenities including workout room and pool;
8. Free parking at the hotel for those who drive.

I feel that this location will be very suitable for our needs and inexpensive. At present, I have a few clarifications to be made with the hotel rep I am dealing with. She appears to be very receptive and helpful to our needs. She said she has managed prior veteran type reunions, so that is good. Unless I receive some objections I will be posting assignments to you fellows to help me with this event. WE WILL HAVE FUN AND ENJOY OUR BROTHERHOOD ONCE AGAIN!!!
Semper Fi,