2021 Reunion Information

Howdy Marines & FMF Corpsmen!

  Steven Ek, Lt. (1965)
02/25/20 05:15 PM

(April 11th, 2021)

Good Evening Marines and Docs:

I have been in frequent contact with the reservation specialist for the Comfort Inn Suites Airport hotel at Nashville, TN regarding meeting and gathering conditiions at that hotel regarding covid-19 restrictions that have been placed upon hotels and other gathering places such as restaurants, bars, and meeting rooms.

While there has been some minor improvement in gathering and meeting conditions, they are operating with restrictions such as 10 persons maximum at their free breakfast area, masking at any gatherings, and, while I did not specifically request, limitations to various tour events I wanted to offer who will attend, I am left with the opinion that bus tours are also restricted .

Additionally, in a poll that I did with our reunion coordination committee, there were some who did not want to attend due to covid restrictions. Also, a poll conducted by one of our committee determined that several members will not attend because of covid.

I gave all of this a great deal of evaluation during the weekend and requested that the hotel cancel our current June, 2021 reservation in favor of a September or October reunion date depending upon the circumstances at that time. The reservation specialist offered a later reunion date in an email or even to cancel until 2022, so my cancelation was not a surprise.

I am sorry that we cannot meet in June. I really want to get this event accomplished, but I do not want to do so if many of our number will not attend and those who do attend are not pleased with the outcome. So, my friends, I will continue to look into future conditions and will report in early Summer, perhaps in June or by mid July, 2021. Until then, kindly be patient with me and we will work to make our future reunion a meaningful and pleasant experience.

Members please note that there are relatives of a few KIA marines from the 1968 inquiring about their deceased family members through our website. I was not in RVN in 1968, but if you were and knew any of these marines, kindly respond and give their relatives all info that would provide closure or information to them. That is the least we can do for these family members. Marines and Corpsmen  take care of their own!

I request that you do not bombard me with questions or opinions about the future reunion. It will be done; however the exact date is unknown at this time.

Semper Fi and Best Wishes To All,

Steve Ek

2021 Reunion Coordinator

(February 25th, 2020)

Hey Gents!
I sent most of you an earlier e-mail regarding my selection of a reunion hotel in Nashville, TN. I have settled upon the Comfort Suites Airport for the following reasons:
1.Total room fee of $128.12 per night for one kingsize or two double beds;
2. Free hosp./meeting room with $50 per day cleanup fee if we book more than 15 rooms;
3.Free breakfast with all the fixings;
4.Free airport shuttle from 4:30 AM to 10:30 PM;
5. Downtown shuttle for $10 round trip or $15 for multiple daily trips;
6.We can bring in our own snacks and beverages into the hosp./meeting room;
7. Other amenities including workout room and pool;
8. Free parking at the hotel for those who drive.

I feel that this location will be very suitable for our needs and inexpensive. At present, I have a few clarifications to be made with the hotel rep I am dealing with. She appears to be very receptive and helpful to our needs. She said she has managed prior veteran type reunions, so that is good. Unless I receive some objections I will be posting assignments to you fellows to help me with this event. WE WILL HAVE FUN AND ENJOY OUR BROTHERHOOD ONCE AGAIN!!!
Semper Fi,

(August 15th, 2020) First Update.

Hey Good Marines and Corpsmen!  In the past there were some complaints about having our 2021 reunion in the month of April, which was in the middle of the Easter lenten season. Also, now we have to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. So, I contacted the hotel about moving the reunion date to June, 2021 and successfully obtained the June 16-19, 2021 dates at no additional expense and under the same occupancy conditions with the hosp. room, etc. Also, the weather will be somewhat warmer and hopefully the pandemic will be well behind us at that time. I will be receiving updated info about how to contact the Comfort Suites Airport Hotel and othe info in approx. July, 2020 and will pass that on to you at that time. Until then, rest easy, be safe and hopefully we will all be able to get together again in June, 2021. Until then, all good to you and Semper Fi, Steve

(January 22nd, 2021) Second Update

Hey Good Marines and Corpsmen!

As promised, I checked in with my Comfort Suites Airport hotel contact last week and was advised that due to covid, the present limit for any gathering is 10 persons in the meeting room, appropriately spaced. She did not know what the situation would be on or about May 15, 2021, which is the cutoff date to cancel our reservation there. Hopefully, by then most or all of us who want to be vaccinated will have done that and local and state restrictions will be much less than now. At present, we are in a holding pattern.

I will be checking with our hotel contact in late February to see what the situation is. If improvements occur, beginning in April, 2021 we need to get our ducks lined up for hotel and reunion reservations, tours, colorguard, banquet and guest speaker, raffles, etc. We shall be very busy during April and May.

Until then, my comrades in arms, we are in at "at ease" position. I highly recommend that all of you be vaccinated against covid. If we can promise the hotel that all attendees will be covid immune, I'm sure that any restrictions would be greatly lessened.

Semper Fi to all,

Steve Ek