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06/18/12 05:29 PM #18    

Richard Anderson (1969)

Saying ya teh hey (Weno, Hello) from Navajo Res. eastern side of Navajo, near Mt. Taylor.  Just wanted to thank you (WPage) I found my bro/friend I spend with in A 1/7 1st mar. FMF. 

Been on H 55, liberyt road, Arz Territory, Mosquito valley.LZ ross, Mtn 965, etc.  Spend most of time in bush, much safer.  In early phase of Vietnamzation.

Total 9 months, out by Nixon early out.  Came back on USS New Orleans.  This was more damming coming home on a ship.  Didn't wink an eye all through travel on ocean.

Was cutting hair on ship for tips.  Made close cut to ears on one sailor and my hair cutting hair career was over.

Came home and let go on leave for weekend.  Got thrown in by MP in San Diego, for pissing on sailors.  Arrested at the zoo for trying to climb lion den with a fifth of Seagram 7.  What a memory1  It hurts and at times and a joy at times!

Thanks a millon for finding my buddy.  Let their be beauty around you and W/site.

Take care: RA

09/05/12 11:20 AM #19    

Frank Hernandez Del Rio (1968)

Hello my brothers wishing all the best of health just returned from visiting our Marine Museum,and noticed while walking around the path that there were monuments honoring units found one for Echo Co. 2/7 and Golf Co. 3/there was a 7 Marine one ,but no 1/7 or Alpha Co..The monuments honored our brothers who never returned by listing their names would like to propose an idea that we as survivors of Alpha Co.raise enough money to have one erected in honor of our brothers have no idea how much it would cost nor who to contact about it at this time.

If anyone has information about how to do this or who to contact please let us know.


Semper Fi

11/05/12 08:08 AM #20    

Elmer Sangster (1968)


Just met with Chris Albright this past week, he was a good friend with Kirk Skinner who was KIA 12/7/68.

He is listed as a "missing classmate", and is unaware this website, he awaits your invitation a



08/10/13 07:41 PM #21    

Calixto A Cabrera (1969)

Vern, Nice job marine.  Have a question.  There is a name Pete Straface when I pull up Notify nme and message center.  I cannot click on the name as it is not a link.  I served with him.  He was Alpha 2 radio man.  I would love to contact him but there is no info.  Do you have any sugestions?  Calixto

02/03/17 09:24 AM #22    

Rick Roth (1969)

Rick Roth 1969

I got assigned to Alpha Company 1/7 in early January 1969.  As I recall we were on hill 55 at the time.  Not long after I arrived, we conducted a small exercise off hill 55 by walking down the road, accross the bridge and into the bush.  I think we were only out a day or two.  I am sure it was my first night camping in the bush.  In addition to us, we had two tanks.  Early in the morning a sniper opened fire on us and the tank guys cut loose with thier 50's.

A short time later, possibly a month or two we were on a daylight patrol, again off hill 55 and with us was our patoon sarget.  There was a marine walking point and I was just behind him as we walked along a small path with a high hedgerow on out left.  Only one shot rang out from a sniper, but the one shot hit the pointman.  As we ran for cover, I pushed the point man through an opening in the hedge row and immediately started to return fire.  The platoon sarget attended to the pointmans wounds.  After only a few minutes, the sarget told me he was dead and we called for a routine medivac.


I need to fing out that marines name who was killed.  Does anyone recall the action that day in March/April of 1969.  I am just guessing on the time frame.

02/03/17 03:19 PM #23    

Tom Mundy (1967)

go to the 1/7 kia list on this site and zero in on the aprox. date he was killed and see if you can ind him tj mundy a 1/7 67

02/04/17 10:29 AM #24    

Randy Cook (1968)

PFC Frankie B. McDaniel March 26, 1969
PFC Claude James Owens

March 26, 1969

10/15/17 10:22 AM #25    

Frank Hernandez Del Rio (1968)

Briefly spoke to Orlando (Rican 55) Ramirez yesterday when he called me.He advised that he and his family are all ok,but are still out of water and power.Roads are still closed.He is sending his family to the states but he's staying behind to hold the "HILL". He called via his cell but it was a very bad connection.Could barely understand him,besides his normal speech.So if you call him don't expect to reach him right away.Leave a message and he'll call you back.

Stay Safe My Friends                                                                                                                                                          



10/22/19 11:53 AM #26    

Donald G. Dedmon (1969)

Rick Stanford posted looking for members of Alpha CUPP , I served with A CUPP 1ST platoon from begining tillaugust 1970 , know a few members that are still


11/10/21 09:42 AM #27    

Gary S. Rigo (1968)

Happy 246 B-Day to all my U.S. Marine Combat Brothers past & present! Semper Fi & Oorah!

Hope everyone is well!


05/21/22 10:39 AM #28    

Larry Lamb (1969)

Just asking, were we authorized the PUC in 1969-70?

05/22/22 09:34 AM #29    

Tom Hurley (1967)

Larry if you go to tap on the eagle.  Then tap on the 1st Battalon then tap Btl honors.

From what I saw to answer you question NO. none were award to 1-7 during 69-70.Hope this help.

Tom Hurley

05/22/22 11:41 AM #30    

Michael Coe (1968)

Unit awards:

Mickey Coe Jan 68-Feb 69 with a couple of hospital breaks for fun.

05/22/22 04:10 PM #31    

Michael Kuklenski

You were our "Doc" 


You were lean and green

Fresh to our unit

Brash, bold and bragging

Pushing tyourself to the limit.


We were Marines

With our own swagger

You were FMF

New to our banter


You were against eh war

And refused a weapon to carry

Once we understood

We knew you weren't Navy


You carried more med bags

And knew what to do 

We carried more ammo

To help get us all through


You didn't know our names

Didn't know our faces

In war one turns a blind eye

To the many races


You were with us

In the darkness of a firs fight

We were under siege

Hoping our reactions were right


You were injured more than once

With no one to render you aid

We kept trying to kill

While you contined to save


You did the best you could

Words won't erase your pain

Afew marines didn't make it

But you weren't to blame


Thanks "Doc"


Written by HM3 Michael Kuklenski  FMF Corpsman with Alpha Company 1/7 May 1, 1969 - May 29, 1969.   Semper fi. 

05/30/22 11:35 AM #32    

Gary S. Rigo (1968)

RIP all the U.S. Marine Combat Brothers from A 1/7 some during Our War and some later. We will never forget!



12/07/22 11:34 AM #33    

Gary S. Rigo (1968)

For those of us who remember, December 7, 1968 was also "a day that will live in infamy" for the Marines of A1/7. My prayers and thoughts go out the brave Marines we lost on that day in a place so far away.



12/07/22 03:15 PM #34    

Mike Skorich (1966)

I was in Nam A 1-7 in 66.

Let's name these hero's from Dec.7th.

PFC Biggs, Silver Star.

PFC Bowling.

Gy/Sgt. Crawford,Pvt Lee,PFC Miller

Pfc Pacheco

Cpl Phelps.L/Cpl Phipps, Silver Star.

L/Cpl PinoleSgt.Ratiff, Silver Star

Pfc Rubbo

Pfc Skinner.

Pfc Turner.

A salute and we will never forget.


Semper fi,

Mike Skorich




12/08/22 12:36 PM #35    

Michael Kuklenski

The Doc


The "Doc" always wondered

if he did his best

to help his fellow Marines

as they fought to resist. 

The NVA were determined

to kill them all

only succeeded in

putting four names on the Wall.

The rest went on

to fight many more battles

before being "welcomed home" 

only to be treated like cattle.

Their days are OK

for they can see the light, 

what haunts them most

is the dark of night.

Their time is running out

this they sense all too well.

Many of their 'stories'

they've yet to tell.

If nothing else,

thank them for their service,

but don't do or say anything

that will make them nervous.

I'm not out of words, just out of feelings.

Compassion has left me

along with the promise of healing.


HM3 Michael Kuklenski '69-'70  Operation OKlahoma Hills,



12/08/22 01:09 PM #36    

Michael Coe (1968)

December 7th:  The Marine Corps finest heros fought a Regiment and I wasn't one regret in life.  I was sent to Command Charley Company and should have been with MY company as XO.  We lost a lot of good men there.  They will always be remembered as out brothers.  It still hurts.  Mickey Coe

12/09/22 11:28 AM #37    


Cpl. Jack Larkin (1967)





12/09/22 06:45 PM #38    

Tom Mundy (1967)

merry christmas and happy new year to all....and to all those 7th marine heroes who for all these years have not been able to spend these holidays with families and friends....YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN...SEMPER FI .....UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN !

02/24/23 05:10 PM #39    

Tom Mundy (1967)

to dave you know if henry goble is still with us ?????   TJ

02/24/23 06:47 PM #40    


Richard Martinez (1966)

Henry Gobble 423-618-5744. Henry attended our reunion held in Nashville in 2021, looked great!

02/25/23 07:54 AM #41    

Tom Mundy (1967)

thank you richard,im gonna try to give him a call

09/07/23 04:14 PM #42    

Dave Shearer (1969)

Someone from A 1/7 was looking for a book called " Kelly's Fighters " at the last reuion SEP 21. I have picked up a copy. If you still want this book please contact me. Phone no # 1-217-891-7190 text or call ( leave message ). I don't answer the phone unless I know the number. Semper Fi ! Dave

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